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Consulting Services

Explore our high-performance and agile services and see how our IT and engineering specialists can help your business discover opportunities to thrive.​ With our Managed Consulting Services, you’ll get our consulting team to solve your immediate problems, prevent recurring issues, and plan for the future of your business’ technology.

Staffing Services

Our staffing service is a market-leader in hiring experienced full-time employees in various industries. Hired employees will bring instantly their expertise into our clients' company,
along with mentoring and facilitation, leveraging significant value to our client.

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Recruiting Services
In House Projects

In-House Projects

We provide in-house project solutions to meet the needs of out sourcing projects from our clients. TechWithU has significant experience in Website design and maintenance.



Sponsorship is one more aspect to consider. TechWithU is a E-Verified employer. We support OPT visa sponsorship, H1B lottery (new application) , H1B transfer (existing H1B candidates), and green card applications.

We are E-Verified
H1B Employer
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Green Card Application
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