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​The Company

​The Company

Our client is specializing in financial industry, recognized as a leader in the  technology and renovation field originally, and then later became an IT transition domain for financial support.


Since then, this firm has expanded its offices to fill location in New York, San Jose, Sunnyvale, and even extended its services across industries.

The Problem

As their business grew and spread to new and further reaches, so did their technological needs. Keeping multiple locations’ data synchronized is difficult, and as the firm began filling up their website.

With a newfound need for backups of their data and website as well as implementation of data and cyber security management across all of their locations, they decided to trust our company to provide them with IT services at a more complete level.


The Solution

With our network security and IT support, this firm was able to mobilize their workforce with more flexible remote work options, implement a high-end backup disaster recovery solution including local server replication and a warm site, and take advantage of a slew of industry best practices and security softwares, including multi-factor authentication and identity validation.


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