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Personal Diary

Risk Management Analyst

New York, NY, USA


·           Analyze current risks and identify potential risks that are affecting the company;

·           Evaluate the company's previous handling of risks, compare potential risks with criteria set out by the company such as costs and legal requirements;

·           Design and implement an overall risk management process for the company, including analyzing financial impact on the company when risks occur;

·           Collaborate with team members in review of financial performance trends, ad-hoc analysis, and predictive modeling;

·           Maintain knowledge of existing and developing laws and regulations related to the Company’s industry; assess and explain new requirements that affect the Company in terms of risk exposure;

·           Responsible for preparation of monthly and quarterly reports, and certain compliance monitoring reports;

·           Develop and implement contingency plans to manage business interruptions, volatile market events, and other emergencies;

·           Assist with annual budgeting and monthly forecasting processes, engage in continuous process improvement efforts to streamline financial planning and budget management processes;

·           Conduct policy and compliance audits, e.g. liaising with internal and external auditors;

·           Build risk awareness amongst staff by providing support and training within the company.

Salary Range

$90,958 to $95,000


·           Bachelor's degree in Financial Risk Management or Risk Management.

·           At least 2 years of work experience at same or related role, e.g., Business Analyst or Financial Analyst.

Application Method

Please mail resume to TechWithU LLC at 33 West 60th Street, 2nd Floor, New York, New York 10023, or email
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